Getting Started

What is Squarepaste?

Squarepaste enables Squarespace users to add custom functionality to their sites. Whether you are a novice or professional, Squarepaste makes it easy to enhance your Squarespace site.

Once you purchase a plugin, you will receive a download file. Simply drag the file to your web browser to view step-by-step instructions.

What does a Squarepaste subscription include?

Squarepaste members receive access to all plugins for one domain. Access will be granted to any new plugins that are released after the purchase of a membership.

We provide the option of purchasing a monthly or annual membership. To use plugins on an additional domain, a new membership is required.

Is Squarepaste right for me?

Whether you’re a professional web developer or making your first website, Squarepaste is definitely for you! Our Squarespace plugins have detailed installation instructions. In addition, you may hire a Squarepaste Expert and we’ll take care of everything for you.

How much does Squarepaste cost?

Two options are available when purchasing Squarespace plugins: (1) you may buy a single plugin for use on one website or (2) you may become a member for $8/month or $72/year and receive access to all of our plugins for use on one website.

How do I get started?

(Option 1) Visit our Shop page to buy a plugin. After the checkout process, you will also receive an email with a download link. Access to download a plugin expires after 24 hours.

(Option 2) Visit our Join page to gain access to all plugins. After the checkout process, sign into your account and click the Squarespace Plugins link on the side menu to view all plugins and their installation instructions.

Can someone install a plugin for me?

Of course! Simply hire a Squarepaste Expert and we will be there to help.