Does Squarespace have plugins?

Squarespace Plugins - Squarepaste - does squarespace have plugins

Of course! There are plenty of third-party Squarespace plugins available. However, at this time, Squarespace itself does not provide plugins.

Squarespace explains,
“You can use custom third-party modifications when a feature, functionality, or embedded content isn’t available in Squarespace. Unlike our official integrations, all third-party customizations fall outside of the scope of Squarespace support.

Adding a custom modification usually involves pasting code provided by a third-party service into a Code Block or Code Injection. Specific steps vary by service.”

This is where Squarepaste has stepped in. As Squarespace users, we understand the necessity for Squarespace plugins and add-ons to make your website even better. While plugins may not be a top priority for Squarespace, as it is a fast-growing company, Squarepaste is bringing together top Squarespace designers and developers to add their plugins to one central marketplace.

On each product page, the developer’s name is available within the product details. In addition, Squarepaste provides support for each purchase, guaranteeing you a fully functioning plugin or your money back.

View the Shop page to see the entire collection of Squarespace plugins.

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